Top 7 Cute Unique Christmas Gifts for Kids

December is finally here! Have you started your advent calendar countdown to Christmas? Now’s the perfect time to get gifts for the kids and teens in your life. Don’t know where to start? Tired of walking through the same old shopping aisles? Worry not! Here’s our top 7 Christmas gifts straight out of our best-selling toy catalogue:


🎄 Christmas Slime Range

We’ve got the perfect gift bundle with our Christmas slimes! Get a bunch for stocking stuffers and sensory play for your next Christmas party kids activity table. Our top recommendation: Gingerbread Latte! This super glossy slime is topped with fun snowflake and gingerbread cookie sprinkles, textured like buttery soft dough.


😺 Light-Up Cat Headphones

The BEST gift for gamers, musicians and tech-lovers who love cute things. These adorable, practical headphones are simply purrfect. With LED light cat ears, wireless/Bluetooth connectivity and a rechargeable battery, it’s a giant glow-up from regular earphones. We also have bunny and devil themed headphones!

🧋 Boba Buddies Range

Our boba-themed range is perfect for boba lovers everywhere, from our adorable Boba Buddies plushie range to our Baby Boba slime bundles. Our toy plushies are super huggable, cuddly and soft, the perfect bedtime companion for any kid. Gift them a new friend this holiday season!


🌈 Sensory Slug Fidget

These little critters are a big hit with our kids! They’re fun sensory stress relievers that you can wiggle, roll and spin for some auditory clicking action. Wrap these toys up and watch your kids guess what’s making those satisfying sounds for their Christmas gift.


❄️ Christmas Pop-It Fidgets

These Christmassy fidgets are perfect stocking stuffers for sensory toy lovers. Pick from our range of unique designs for satisfying popping action. Your kids could be popping Santa’s beard, Rudolph the Reindeer’s nose, or the star on the Christmas tree.


🐰 Party Hat (Moving Ears)

An animal party hat with moving ears! Just squeeze the paws and watch their ears pop up. A cute beanie accessory for any kid to stay warm and stylish this winter.


🧸 Squishy Range

You can’t go wrong with our slow rising squishies. Why not adopt a cute Galaxy Bunny Squishy for your child this Christmas? Or a chonky Cat Burger Squishy for poking fun? May we also recommend our Jumbo Panda Squishy for cuddles this holiday season? Whatever you choose, it’s sure to be a hit!



Happy gift searching~ 🎁

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