What is Slime?

Slime is a sensory toy made from glue and other ingredients which stimulates learning, develops motor skills and is fun and engaging to play with. It can also be used as an emotional regulation tool to help reduce anxiety and stress. 

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between butter and cloud slime, or bingsu and floam? If you answered yes, you'll want to keep reading!


Glossy slimes are the most basic form of slime. They are beginner friendly and they need to be reactivated often. They are great for bubble pops and poking as well as stretching.


For clear slimes, it's in name. These slimes are best for decorating as sprinkles and charms will be easy to see. Clear slimes will have to sit for a few days to become clear again after play or reactivating. Play with super clean hands.


Cloud slimes are the most beginner friendly slime as they are not sticky and therefore, less messy. They have a similar texture to things like kinetic sand. The trick to getting the perfect cloud slime drizzle is to pull and stretch the slime to add air into it before letting it fall. Some dampness of cloud slime is normal and to be expected. 


Thickie (thicky) slimes are thicker than regular slimes. Thickie slimes tend to be the best for poking and are more holdable because of their thickness. 


Butter slimes have a smooth and buttery texture. The clay in butter slimes thickens up the slime a bit and makes it great for holding, while still being stretchy and often fluffy to play with. When left to sit for long periods of time, it is normal for the clay to rise to the top - this usually indicates it's ready to be reactivated.


Cloud-cream slimes are both fluffy and creamy and are often multi-coloured. Just like cloud slimes, cloud-creams do not melt over time.


Floam slimes have foam beads inside which make them crunchy and great for popping bubbles and crackles. Some fall out is normal and can be expected.


Bingsu slimes are very crunchy and textured. Bingsu beads are a special kind of plastic bead which is like a small tube, allowing for lots of crunchy bubble pops. What Bingsu slimes lack in stretch, they make up for in crunch. 


Pigment slimes are extra vibrant, and are sometimes iridescent or colour shifting.


Snowfizz slimes are one of the most crunchy and textured slimes and generally do not have fallout. They can be described as icy in texture. 


Jelly slimes have a jelly like texture and are thicker than other clear slimes. 

Jelly Cube

Jelly cube slimes contain small chunks of squish-able sponge. These cubes are meant to be popped and mixed through during play which adds a whole new play experience. In the slime world they are referred to as Jelly Cubes because when mixed with slime they soak up a bit of it and have a similar texture to real jelly.