Scoopi’s Back to School Essentials

Scoopi’s Back to School Essentials

Have you been prepping for the first day of school? Whether you’re a parent or teacher, our team is here to help! Our Back to School Essentials include a range of toys and stationery that help with kids’ concentration, learning and sensory stimulation—perfect for easing them back into class.


🌈 Scoopi Drink Bottles

New Scoopi buddies merchandise incoming! Comes in two sizes, the Small Scoopi Buddies Drink Bottle and the Large Scoopi Buddies Drink Bottle. Three unique designs that any kid would love. The perfect item to complete their Scoopi school set

✖️➗ Mathematical Pop-Its

Make maths fun with our fidget toys! Our Colourful Calculator Pop-It and Multiplication Table Pop-It are great educational tools for the home or classroom. For friendly competition, why not grab our Pop-It Board Game? Give kids a break from pencil and paper with popping, counting action.

🔬 Elemental Buddies

Teach science with our Elemental Buddies slime set! A fun and playful way to teach kids about the different elements in our world. Comes in a cool laboratory-themed box with bonus stickers. Encourage tactile learning with science education like no other.

🎒 Backpacks

Stand out against the crowd with our School Backpacks! Vibrant, colourful and practical. Which one would your kid choose: our roaring Prehistoric Party bag or pastel galaxy Scoopi Backpack?

🥪 Lunch Bags

Whether you choose between our Alien Invasion or Sweet Dreamland design, your kid will have the perfect lunch bag for every recess and lunch break. Soft on the outside, spacious and insulated on the inside.


✏️ Stationery

Make learning fun with our range of squishy pens, pop-it notebooks and patterned pencil cases. Designs range from cute animals to yummy desserts! Snag your kid a Pop-It Bear Notebook or Doodle Caboodle Pencil Case (which can be personalised like a colouring book).

🤖 Technology

This one’s for the tech-lovers! Help them beat boredom with an Animal Computer Mouse, the perfect companion to their laptop or computer. Our popular Light-Up Cat Headphones are just one of many cute yet functional designs we have in stock. For fidget lovers, grab our classic iPad Case Pop-It and Pop-It Headphones.

How can you make the most of these essentials?

Before the first day of school:

  • Ease your child back into study routines with our fun educational tools.
  • Organise your kid’s clothes, bags and school supplies the night before their first day. Less stress in the morning!
  • Ask your kid to wear their backpack as they would on their first day. Is it too heavy? Adjust the weight as needed so that they’re comfortable.
  • Label their belongings! It’s common for these to get lost or missing at school.

Happy preparing! You’ve got this 😁

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