Introducing our 2022 Christmas Limited Edition Slimes - Batch One!

Introducing our 2022 Christmas Limited Edition Slimes - Batch One!

Ho ho ho! Are you keen for Christmas next month? We definitely are! But alas, you might be scratching your head for gift ideas. Maybe you’ve already started walking through kids’ toy aisles or filling your online shopping cart. Worry not! We’ve got the perfect gift bundle for kids with our NEW Christmas Limited Edition slimes 🎄

We’ve taken our favorite Christmas moments and turned them into four festive slimes that you can enjoy under the tree. Slimes are sensory toys that are oozy, gooey, and educational, but what makes them the perfect gift?

  • Pop them in Christmas stockings for a delightful toy surprise
  • Deck the halls of your Christmas party with a slime play activity table for the kids
  • Make your holiday gift baskets stand out from the rest
  • Spark your child’s imagination with sensory fun like no other

Four facts for four-tastic slimes (can you say that tongue twister?)

Each of our Limited Edition slimes comes in a small, compact container with a Christmas-themed label, so that they already look wrapped and ready to go. No extra gift packaging needed~

So what are you waiting for? Check out these unique toy presents from our Scoopi sleigh:

Silent Night

Pretty as the night sky, if not more! This sapphire-blue clear slime glitters with silver sprinkles and sugar paper. Topped with star sprinkles that glow in the dark ⭐🌙

Berry Xmas Boba

Wishing you a BERRY Christmas with this slime! This mistletoe inspired slime is a butter swirled with red clay, topped with green sugar paper and red berry sprinkles. Smells minty sweet like the best peppermint drinks 🍒🥤


Shake shake shake the snow and watch it fall! This slime looks exactly like a Christmas snow globe with a little Christmas Tree charm. Magical snowflakes and pearl sprinkles mixed into the clear portion make it look even more like a snow globe. Scented like pink apple vanilla 🎄❄️

Candy Christmas

A sweet stocking stuffer! This pink jelly slime smells as sweet as a freshly-opened pack of gummy bears. Topped with candy swirl sprinkles, this slime is the smallest and cutest of our Christmas range 🍬🍭

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