At Scoopi, we sell all things sensory!

We’ve got just about everything a slime lover needs. From our collection of slime products and supplies to our plushies and other sensory toys. We also offer fairy floss, gift items, bags and bottles and a range of lifestyle needs and accessories.

Slime Goodness

Scoopi slimes are handcrafted in Australia, designed by slimers, for slimers! These yummy-looking sensory toys for kids (and the young at heart) look and smell amazing.

Touch, pinch, poke, pop, mash and mix up your slimes to your hearts content. Listen to the satisfying sounds they make.


New arrivals!

Don’t get left behind! Check out our seasonal, in-demand and latest toys and collections for your enjoyment. These also make lovely gifts for birthdays, holidays and other special occasions.



Anxious, fidgety or inattentive? Both kids and adults enjoy playing with Scoopi Pop-Its that help to release tension and induce relaxation with their satisfying popping sounds. Made with soft silicone, Pop-It Fidget toys are easy to handle and designed perfectly for small hands, so your young ones can have hours of enjoyment.



Scoopi Plushies come in a wide range of colours and designs. From minis to reversables, from keychains to jumbo plushies!

Soft, cuddly and comforting, these cute plushies are sure to melt your heart. Choose the best plushie to snuggle up with (or get them all!) at Scoopi’s sensory toy store!


Slow-Rising Squishies