Are you searching for a fun and delightful toy to surprise your children? Look no further than Scoopi's collection of food squishies! 

These charming little toys are so soft and squishy that your kids won't resist playing with them. But the best part is that these food squishies entertain and encourage imagination and creativity. Your kids can use them for their tea parties or serve them to other kids in a make-believe restaurant — the possibilities are endless and the fun never stops!

Browse our fun collection of food squishies

Our collection includes a wide range of delicious-looking styles, such as:

  • Popcorn in a bucket
  • Jumbo doughnuts with big smiles
  • Cupcakes with colourful sprinkles
  • Waffle sandwiches that will make your tummy growl
  • And many more!

Your children will love collecting these food squishies — help them start a squishy collection today!

Get the cutest food squishies from Scoopi today!

Scoopi's food squishies are designed with love and attention to detail and are safe for children between the ages of five and 12 or anyone young at heart. So, why not surprise your kids with some Scoopi food squishies today and enjoy some exciting, wacky and squishy fun? Order now and receive free shipping for purchases over $60. 

Classic Icing Filled Donut Squishies

Classic Icing Filled Donut Squishies


Super soft and covered in fake icing, these donuts aren't for nibbling on! This cute squishy is a mix between a squishy and a stress ball. With a c...

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