Scoopi Trading Cards

Digital Scoopi exclusive trading cards are now available - collect them all! 

Each month a new set of trading cards will be released in-store at Scoopi. To get them, you will have to find the hidden QR code located somewhere in the store. Scan the code to unlock your exclusive playing card. 

Each Scoopi store has it's own unique card, so in order to get all three for the month, you'll have to visit all three stores (or trade with your friends!)
Don't forget to save the card to your phone gallery! 

Novembers cards are part of the limited edition Mythical Buddies release. Get in quick before these cards are gone forever! 

How to Use Your Digital Scoopi Playing Cards


Because Scoopi Playing Cards are only around for a limited time and the only way you can get them is by visiting in-store, they can be quite valuable. Each card has it's own special slimey character and special information about the character, too. If you have a card that your friend doesn't have yet, get trading! 


Each unique character card also doubles as a traditional playing card (e.g Ace of clubs). If you have collected enough cards, you can print them out and play any card game you wish such as Snap or I Doubt It! 

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