Scoopi’s Easter Goodies

Scoopi’s Easter Goodies

Grab your baskets because we’ve got the ULTIMATE guide to the best deals this Easter holiday. From our limited edition slimes to our activity kits, there’s something for everyone! Turn our slimes into goodie bag fillers, raffle prizes and basket stuffers—no DIY slime recipes needed to make your Easter egg hunt magical~

Can’t wait for the Easter Show? Grab these Easter slimes today!


🐰🐤 Showtime Split – Yellow and pink makes a showtime split! Get into the Easter spirit with this duo coloured cloud slime, scented like peach and apple, topped with the cutest bunny and chick sprinkles.

🐣 Who’s That Chick?! – Woah! Who’s that chick hiding in the slime container? A soft cloud cream clime that has a little Easter chick’s face on top! It’s too cute to say no to. Scented like fruity fresh pear.

🐮 Mini Moo – Can’t wait for the Easter farm show? How about a mini moo to keep you excited?  This adorable 2oz cloud slime features black glitter and the cutest cow sprinkles, scented like the sweetest buttercream vanilla.

🐷 Pocket Piggy – We’ve got a pen of pocket piggies ready to delight! A 20z glittery pink cloud topped with piggy sprinkles and scented like peach. Perfect for pocket sized play!

🎪 Crazy Carnival – Who’s coming to the Carnival? Meet you under the big red top! A glittery rainbow floam topped with silver glitter and smiley sprinkles. All those vibrant foam beads make the best crackling bubble pops!

⭐️ Wish Upon Ea-star – Look into the stars at night and wish upon ea-star! This slime is a light blue snow fizz covered in iridescent and pastel star sprinkles. The snow fizz texture makes for fantastic pops and satisfying ASMR.


Make your own pastel creations with this DIY Easter slime kit! Provides entertainment for up to four kids who can customise these slimes however they like. No need to make slime from scratch.

This kit contains:

  • 1 x 4oz periwinkle base slime
  • 1 x 4oz white base slime
  • 2 x 2oz Empty Slime Containers for your creations
  • 2 x Assorted Pastel Sprinkles (selected at random)
  • 2 x Packet of Foam Beads (colour selected at random)

Get yours here!

EASTER SEASON [April 2023 Subscription Box]

It’s that time of year again, where the Easter bunny visits every house and leaves fun chocolate eggs for kids all over to find and enjoy! This April’s box is themed around the Easter egg hunt experience:

🌼 Flower Power – Yellow butter slime that smells like sweet flowers. Comes with a flower power themed charm and sprinkle mix add-in!

🍫 Egg Hunt – Green glossy slime topped with Easter egg hunt mix sprinkles. Smells like chocolate eggs!

Also comes with: assorted pastel fidget squeeze ball, assorted foam beads, and 30ml slime activator.

Payments made between the 4th of March and the 3rd of April are valid for this month’s box. Get yours here!

WAIT! What about the Easter Show?

We’ll be there too! Shop egg-tastic Scoopi goodies at our stall, meet our very own slime mascot, and snap a pic with our team. Stay tuned for more info~
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