Space Buddies Slime Collectors Box

by Scoopi
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We reinvented our Scoopi Slime Collectors Box...are you ready for take off? 🚀

Space Buddies ✨

6 Limited Edition space themed slimes representing our favorite things about outer space! Get your collection in an awesome box representing the adventures of a goo-lactic explorer. Get to try 6 different textures from cloud to floam to jelly to butter!. Purchase this pack and get EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL goodies you won’t find in any other slime kits!


🔴 Marz (85ml)– Its Earths best friend and neighbour, Marz! Play like a Martian with this sweet citrus scented red and orange glittered cloud cream.

🌏 Earf (85ml)– Home sweet home! The world is in your hands with this blue butter slime swirled with green clay, scented like flowers in the rain.

👽 B3AN (85ml)– A third encounter of the cute kind! This green glow-in-the-dark jelly slime comes topped with an alien charm.

🌌 Nebby (85ml)– What does an astronaut see in space? This fruity purple and blue clear slime of course, sprinkled with gold glitter like faraway stars.

⭐ Stella (85ml)– A slime that makes you smile as bright as it does! A shimmery tropical scented glossy slime topped with starry sprinkles.

🌙 Lunar (85ml)– Is the moon really made of cheese? Find out with this crunchy silver floam slime, scented like cheesecake and topped with a rocket charm.





Why get Space Buddies?

This set is the perfect educational tool to teach kids about outer space and the solar system. Encourage sensory tactile learning with science education that’s out of this world. So what are you waiting for? Get this box for the space enthusiasts in your life! 

Please note: The slimes are not sold individually, you will receive 6 slimes, the sticker sheet, the planetary toy set, activator and button badge. 

Actual colour might slightly vary due to computer setting/lighting.  

Customer Reviews

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Abby Sang
Not great from first delivered

When it first arrived it was complete glue I used most of my activator fixing all of them. Otherwise when they were fixed they turned out to be beautiful and crunchy. I understand that it may have gotten hot from being in a van and melted and I shouldn’t take the whole blame that you sent me glue to DIY with. Very good slimes, keep on squishing!

Rebecca Roberts
The kids love the slime

Great to get non sticky good quality slime

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