Slime Newbie Bundle

by Scoopi

Love slimes but not sure where to start? This bundle will get you started on your slime journey! The bundle includes:

  • Candy Cloud Dream 4oz - Fluffy cloud slime scented like cotton candy
  • Mint To Be 4oz - Super glossy slime scented like mint
  • Frozen Cola 4oz - Crunchy bingsu slime scented like cola
  • 30ml Slime Activator - Perfect to help make slime less sticky

These slimes are suitable for slimes newbies who are not familiar with slime play. The textures of the three slimes are more holdable, hence easier to play with.

 Please note:

- Bundles are not packaged in their own box and come as individual items. 

-This Bundle is available online only. Actual colour may vary slightly due to computer settings/lightings. Sprinkles are included in the package.

-Actual colour may slightly vary due to computer setting/lighting.

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