Slime Activity Value Pack

by Scoopi

Save on this¬†Slime Activity Value Pack and provide entertainment for¬†up to four kids. This activity kit includes everything you need to customise premium, pre-made slimes ūüé®

Slime play is an engaging and creative process and it can even be used for emotional regulation. 

Kit Includes:

- 2 x Clear 4oz Slime

- 2 x Glossy 4oz Slime

- 1 x Red Dye

- 1 x Blue Dye

- 2 x Random Scents

- 2 x Random Air-dry Clay 

- 1 x Random Foam Chunks Packet

- 1 x Random Foam Beads Packet

- 1 x Small Activator


- Colouring and Scenting Slime: Add dye or scent one drop at a time into the slime and mix together by pulling and folding the slime. Some colour transfer may occur, so it's best to avoid playing on white surfaces.

- To create a Butter Slime: Add Air Dry Clay into the slime a small amount at a time, and mix together by pulling and folding the slime. Tip: You can use the clay to colour the slime, try mixing the clay to make fun new colours!

- To create a Floam Slime: Add Foam Beads in small quantities to glossy slime, mix together by pulling and folding the slime. You can also add some Foam Chunks to give the slime a unique texture! Tip: Place a bowl under the slime to catch fall out. 

Please note: The colour of air dry clay, foam beads and foam chunks will be chosen at random.