Slime Activity Value Pack (Extra Large)

by Scoopi
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Save MASSIVELY on this¬†Slime Activity Value Pack. Provide entertainment for up to four kids during¬†the school holidays! This extra large kit includes everything you need to customise premium, pre-made slimes ūüé® Slime play is an engaging and creative process and it can even be used for emotional regulation during the break time!¬†¬†

Kit Includes:

- 2 x Clear 4oz Slime

- 2 x Glossy 4oz Slime

- 1 x Red Dye

- 1 x Blue Dye

- 2 x Unique Holiday Scents

- 1x Air-dry Clay 

- 1x Iridescent Bingsu Packet

- 1x Foam Beads Packet

- 1 x Activator


Please note: The colour of air dry clay and bingsu beads will be chosen at random.