Ocean Buddies Slime Collectors Box

by Scoopi

We reinvented our Scoopi Slime Collectors Box...are you ready for a deep dive with our new Ocean Buddies? 🌊

6 Limited Edition ocean themed slimes that represent our favourite things about the ocean. Get your slimes in the coolest box that looks like an aquarium! Get to try 6 different textures from cloud to floam to jelly to butter! Purchase this pack and get some extra  goodies you won’t find in any other slime kits!


CORAL🪸 (85ml)- Inspired by our very own Great Barrier Reef! Coral Pink bingsu slime with blue and pink bubble sprinkles, scented like coconut and topped with coral reef fish sprinkles

SQUIRT 🐢 (85ml)- Inspired by the majestic sea turtle! Green butter slime topped with green and white sprinkles, just like the scales of a turtle shell, plus two boba beads to use as eyes, scented like essential oils

ZANY 🐠 (85ml)- Inspired by the iconic clownfish! Two toned orange and white cloud slime, scented like sugar plum and topped with light blue fishbowl beads

PEARL 🐚 (85ml)- Inspired by the giant clam! Light pink base slime with white clay swirl, scented like apple and vanilla and with a clam and pearl charm

BELL 🐙 (85ml)- Inspired by the moon jellyfish! Clear jelly slime with a pearly, iridescent look and scented like rainwater 

GILLZ 🦈 (85ml)- Inspired by a grey reef shark swimming in the reef! Clear blue slime with fish sprinkle mix and shark charm. 





Why get Ocean Buddies?

This set is the perfect educational tool to teach kids about our oceans and the the Great Barrier Reef. Encourage sensory tactile learning with sea-life education that’s sure to blow your mind. So what are you waiting for? Get this box for the ocean enthusiasts in your life! 

Please note: The slimes are not sold individually, you will receive 6 slimes, the sticker sheet, the two assorted mochis, and a QR code in the box to access the online educational magazine

Some sprinkles and charms will sink to the bottom of slimes

Actual colour might slightly vary due to computer setting/lighting.  

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Abby sang
Hello there

Hi, I found my slime very easy to play with and in much better condition than my last order that was glue to the heat of the van. I recently just found two boba beads in squirt was it intentional as eyes?

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