Scoopi Club - Monthly Subscription Box

by Scoopi

The perfect box for a slime lover! With a different theme each month, you will receive exclusive limited edition slimes created specially for the box. Each box will contain 3 x 8oz slimes with different textures, 2 assorted packet of sprinkles and a bottle of activator to keep the slimes happy and non-sticky. 

The box will be sent out on the 10th of each month (or the next weekday, if the 10th falls on the weekend). Each slime box will be completely unique month to month, and will not be sold individually. 

Subscription - By purchasing the Monthly Subscription box, you will be charged once a month (on the date you make your first purchase) until you cancel. We will send you one slime box each month around the 10th of each month until you cancel. You may cancel at any time.

As each monthly box is sent around the 10th of each month, for example, if you start subscribing on 20th of January, you won't receive your first box until after the 10th of February. 

Details of each slime box will be posted in the last week of each month. 

Monthly Subscription Boxes are only available to Australian customers only. 

Slime Box for June Theme : Winter Wonderland ❄️☃️

First Snow : Dense and unscented clear based dark blue slime with tons of glitters and pigments. Topped with snowflake charm and sugar beads.

Winter Frost : Two-toned bingsu slime, stretchy and super crunchy, great for bubble pops. Scented like lemon sugar and raspberry.

Peppermint Hot Cocoa : Trio coloured swirled slime, scented like peppermint and chocolate. Topped with hot cocoa sprinkles mix, comes with a chocolate bar to mix in.