Clear Slime Starter Pack

by Scoopi

Amazing transparent clear slime, unscented, thick and stretchy. The pack includes a clear, pink clear and blue clear slimes, three randomly selected packs of sprinkles, and a bottle of activator.

4oz Kit

  • 1x Blue Crystal 4oz Slime
  • 1x Pink Crystal 4oz Slime
  • 1x Crystal Clear 4oz Slime
  • 3x randomly selected Sprinkle Packets
  • 1x Small Activator Bottle

8oz Kit

  • 1x Blue Crystal 8oz Slime
  • 1x Pink Crystal 8oz Slime
  • 1x Crystal Clear 8oz Slime
  • 3x randomly selected Sprinkle Packets
  • 1x Small Activator Bottle

 Please note:

- Bundles are not packaged in their own box and come as individual items. 

-This Bundle is available online only. Actual colour may vary slightly due to computer settings/lightings. Sprinkles are included in the package (randomly selected designs)

-Actual colour may slightly vary due to computer setting/lighting. Slime may arrive slightly bubbly/cloudy due to being freshly made.

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