Butter Slime Activity Kit

by Scoopi

Get into some slimey fun with this Butter Slime Activity Kit and make four Butter slimes! Provide entertainment for up to four kids

Kit Contains:

  • 1 x 4oz White Glossy Slime
  • 1 x 4oz Green Glossy Slime
  • 2 x 4oz Empty Slime containers for your creations! 
  • 2 x Coloured 30g Air Dry Clay packets  (selected at random) 
  • 2 x Assorted Sprinkles (selected at random) 


- Seperate the slime into equal portions, depending on how many children will be crafting. For example, for four children, split both slimes in half. 

- Add Air Dry Clay into the slime a small amount at a time, and mix together by pulling and folding the slime. You will end up with enough slime to fill two containers, so get creative with your colour mixing! There are up to four different colour combinations to try!

- Add sprinkles to customise your slimes however you like! 

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