Butter Slime Kit

by Scoopi

Make your own creamy and smooth butter slime kit with your choice of colour and scent! Materials included:

  • 225ml Elmer's Glue
  • 30ml Activator
  • 10ml Scent
  • 25g Air-dry Clay
  • Frozen Sprinkle Packet 


  1. Pour the glue into a bowl 🥣(tip - get the last drop of glue out by adding some water into the bottle and shake it!)
  2. Add a few drops of scents into the glue and mix it well
  3. Start activating your slime 💧- add a few drops of activator at a time and keep mixing. Make sure to not add too much activator or it'll get rubbery! 
  4. Once the slime starts pulling away from the container you can knead it with your hand 👋(tip - if the slime is too rubbery for your liking, you can add lotion of glycerine to soften it up and make it more stretchy)
  5. Add the clay into the slime and mix it well!
  6. Have fun!🎉

Video instruction available through the following link: