Scoopi x The Sydney Royal Easter Show

Scoopi x The Sydney Royal Easter Show

Scoopi is coming to the Sydney Royal Easter Show in 2021! Find us in Kid's World opposite the Pet Arena, in Hall 3.

Shop a variety of slimey and squishy goodies, including Scoopi Promo Bags, reversible Octopus Plushies and squishies big and small. There's something for everyone, so drop by and say hi!

But what's in a Scoopi Promo Bag?🙀

There are so many goodies in a Scoopi Promotional Bag at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, including everything that you will need to make your very own DIY butter slimes (including detailed instructions!) Plus, there's even a limited edition Scoopi Galaxy Bun Cloud slime that you will never find anywhere else, ever again - OMG! The best part is, the Galaxy slime matches with the Galaxy Bunny squishy, #twinning. 

Scoopi Promo Bags are the perfect slimey goodie bag for girls and boys, and they're great value for money, too (especially if you bring along a coupon, found in the Official Show Guide) 

Here's what's inside: 

    1. Galaxy Bunny squishy
    2. Galaxy Bun Slime
    3. Small Activator
    4. Rainbow Lollipop
    5. DIY Butter Slime including
      -Packet of Air Dry Clay 
      -Glossy white slime
      -Extra container
    6. Sprinkles
    7. Charms
    8. Stickers

What Else Can I Get There?😻

Okay, so maybe you don't want to get a promo bag, that's cool - we've got you covered. In our stall you'll find over 20 different varieties of slime with their own unique textures, scents, colours and themes! Want a cloud slime, try Magic Bunny Fluff. A Bingsu slime? Try Bingsu Bunny. How about a glossy slime? Try Chocolate Bunny! Are you sensing a theme yet? 

Among the wide variety of Easter slimes, you'll also find our classic and most popular Scoopi slimes, such as Candy Cloud Dream and Bubbleicious.

But I hear you saying "I want to customise a slime..." Pick up a base or butter base slime for only $6 or $7 respectively and choose from a range of Bingsu Beads, Sprinkle Packets, Foam Beads or Instant Snow. Create your own slime masterpiece at home during the school holidays and don't forget to show us your creations on Instagram.

Slimes, Sprinkles and Slime Supplies

Squishies and Plushies

Slime isn't your thing ... how about cuddly plushies and slow rising squishies? Pandas, octopus, unicorns, bubble tea... is there anything that you can't find as an adorable squishy or plushy toy? Our squishies are lightly scented and are super calming to watch rise back up to their normal size after a gentle squeeze. Plus, they make great room decor.

What Else Can I DO There? 😺

You can even take a photo with our very own slime mascot and Scoopi photo frame. Tag us on insta for a chance to be featured on our story @scoopislimes, or use the hastag #scoopi

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