Thickie-Shake Mini-Slime Bundle

by Scoopi

Slurp, slurp, slurpin' on delicious thickie-shakes - can you believe how adorable these mini-thickie slimes are?Ā šŸ™€ Three deliciously scented mini-thickie slimes that make the perfect collectible gift or party bag filler!Ā 

1 x Caramel šŸÆ(2oz)- Rich caramel-colouredĀ thickie slime, scented likeĀ caramel and topped withĀ chocolate crumb sprinkles.Ā 

1 xĀ Strawberry šŸ“ (2oz) - Pink thickie slime, scented like strawberries and topped with strawberry sprinkles.Ā 

1 xĀ ChocoliciousšŸ« (2oz) - Ā Ā Chocolate-colouredĀ thickie slime, scented likeĀ milk chocolateĀ and topped with 100s and 1000s sprinkles.Ā 

Please note:

- Bundles are not packaged inĀ their own box and come as individual items.

-ThisĀ Bundle is availableĀ online only.Ā Actual colour may vary slightly due to computer settings/lightings. Sprinkles are included in the package.