Scoopi Easter Show Bag

by Scoopi

There are so many goodies in this Easter Promo Bag! Including everything that you need to make your very own DIY butter slimes (including detailed instructions!) A limited edition Scoopi Galaxy Bun Cloud slime that you will never find anywhere else, ever again - OMG! The best part is, the Galaxy slime matches with the Galaxy Bunny squishy, #twinning. Just like a show bag! 

Here's what's inside: 

    1. Galaxy Bunny squishy
    2. Galaxy Bun Slime
    3. Small Activator
    4. Rainbow Lollipop
    5. DIY Butter Slime including
      -Packet of Air Dry Clay 
      -Glossy white slime
      -Extra container
    6. Sprinkles
    7. Charms
    8. Stickers