Scoopi Easter Bag

by Scoopi
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As the Easter Show is cancelled, we will bring the bags to you! 

Filled with delightful Easter themed slimes, slime supplies and yummy goodies, let the fun of Easter Show be delivered to the comfort of your home! 

  • 4oz limited edition 'Easter Basket' - Trio coloured creamy butter slime scented like buttercream vanilla topped with Easter eggs sprinkles. Super stretchy and easy to handle, mixes into a beautiful sea foam colour. 
  • 8oz limited edition 'Chocolate Bunny' - Thick and glossy chocolate coloured slimes with gold foil 'wrap'. Comes with a little baggy of mixed bunny sprinkles and Easter eggs clay that you can mix into the slime by yourself! 
  • Rainbow coloured foam beads
  • 5 limited edition Easter themed charms
  • Air-Dry Clay (assorted colours - white, yellow or purple)
  • 2 packs of sprinkles
  • Mochi squishy (assorted designs)
  • Yummy Easter eggs 

Please note: Actual colour may slightly vary due to computer settings/lighting.