Rainbow Buddies Exclusive Collection

by Scoopi
SKU SL-Rainbow

Introducing Scoopi's first ever exclusive collection!


6 Limited Edition fruit inspired slimes for every colour of the rainbow! The collection will be sold as a set, purchase the pack and get a BONUS sticker sheet AND an exclusive Rainbow Slime. 

RARA🍓(85ml)- Crunchy red toned bingsu slime with strawberry sprinkles, scented like a fresh blend of strawberry and buttercream vanilla. Makes amazing bubble pops when stretched!

OLLIE🍊(85ml)- Creamy orange butter slime scented like orange vanilla, topped with sugar paper, orange sprinkles and tangerine charm.

NANA🍌(85ml)- Stretchy yellow glue-all based thickie scented like banana milkshake, topped with some clear slime and the cutest banana sprinkles.

IZZY💚(85ml)- Crunchy green floam slime scented like fresh citrus blend and topped with electric green lime sprinkles.

LULU💙(85ml)- Dense and stretchy electric blue jelly slime with glitters add-ins and topped with the cutest blueberry charms.

GIGI🍇(85ml)- Bright purple fluffy cloud slime scented like grape candy, topped with purple-toned grape sprinkles.

RAINBOW BUDDIES🌈(200ml)- Super crunchy bingsu bead bomb scented like a mix of floral fruity tea. 

Please note: The slimes are not sold individually, you will receive 7 slimes and a sticker sheet with every purchase. The set does not come with a special box. Actual colour might slightly vary due to computer setting/lighting.