Party Favour Slimes

by Scoopi

Leave your little guests feeling extra special with our fun selection of party-sized mini-slimes.  In bundles of threes, fives, sevens and nines, the more you buy the more you save on these little slimes; a super fun way to spruce up any party bag! 🎉

Peaches & Boba (2oz) 🍑 Just peachy! Smells so sweet and feels so smooth. Miniature of Scoopi best seller Peaches and Cream.

Bobalicious (2oz) 🍇 Smells like bubblegum, sounds like fun! Miniature of Scoopi best seller Bubblelicious. 

Birthday Boba (2oz) 🍰 The perfect party bag filler, miniature of Scoopi best seller Birthday Cake 

Snowba (2oz) Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow ❄️❄️ Scented like sugar berries and topped with snowflakes and snow ball beads.

Choc-Peppermint (2oz) This baby boba will have you craving real chocolate peppermint! Scented like choc peppermint and topped with boba and peppermint beads.

Matcha (2oz) We love this Baby Boba so Matcha! 💚 🍵 Scented like sweet tea and topped with boba beads.

Cherry Pop 🍒  (2oz) - Blue crystal jelly cube slime with glitters and a cherry charm. Scented like blue raspberry.

Strawberry Lemonade 🍓 (2oz) - Pink crystal jelly cube slime with glitters and strawberry fimo sprinkles. Scented liked strawberry lemonade.  

Melon Soda 🍈  (2oz) - Green crystal jelly cube slime with glitters and a melon charm. Scented like melon.

Caramel 🍯(2oz)- Rich caramel-coloured thickie slime, scented like caramel and topped with chocolate crumb sprinkles. 

Strawberry 🍓 (2oz) - Pink thickie slime, scented like strawberries and topped with strawberry sprinkles. 

Chocolicious🍫 (2oz) -   Chocolate-coloured thickie slime, scented like milk chocolate and topped with 100s and 1000s sprinkles. 

Please note: actual colour may slightly vary from picture due to the lighting/computer setting. These slimes are not sold separately.