Original Baby Bobas Bundle

by Scoopi
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The OG Baby Boba squad are adorable, miniature glossy slimes that make the perfect party favours or gifts shared between siblings and friends! Perfect for slime newbies, who want to try out a range of slime scents and colours. This bundle includes all three Original Baby Bobas. 

1x Snowba (2oz) Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow ❄️❄️ Scented like sugar berries and topped with snowflakes and snow ball beads.

1x Choc-Peppermint (2oz) This baby boba will have you craving real chocolate peppermint! Scented like choc peppermint and topped with boba and peppermint beads.

1x Matcha (2oz) We love this Baby Boba so Matcha! 💚 🍵 Scented like sweet tea and topped with boba beads.

Please note:

- Bundles are not packaged in their own box and come as individual items.

-Actual colour may slightly vary due to computer setting/lighting.