Oh Boy's Slime Bundle

by Scoopi

Oh Boy I can't wait to play with these gooey, stretchy slimes! All the slimes in this pack have unique textures - from creamy black slime, to super stretchy see-through slime, to poppy, crunchY green slime - this bundle is sure to bring oodles of fun!

  • 1 x Black Butter (4oz) Slime
  • 1 x Predators Hatchling (4oz) Slime
  • 1 x Blue Crystal (4oz) Slime
  • 2x assorted sprinkle packets

 Please note:

- Bundles are not packaged in their own box and come as individual items. 

-This Bundle is available online only. Actual colour may vary slightly due to computer settings/lightings. Sprinkles are included in the package.

-Actual colour may slightly vary due to computer setting/lighting.