Mythical Duo

by Scoopi

Lilac Lullabies

Texture: jelly slime. Slime scent: lavender vanilla. Colour: purple

Crackling Seascape

Texture: bingsu slime. Slime scent: blueberry cobbler. Colour: pink

Enter the magical world with our unicorn and mermaid pair. 

  • Lilac Lullabies - Dense and stretchy jelly slime scented like Lavender Vanilla, topped with unicorn charm and iridescent heart sprinkles.
  • Crackling Seascape - Crunchy purple bingsu slime scented like Blueberry Cobbler, topped with mermaid tail charm and iridescent crescent moon sprinkles.
  • Mythical Duo - Save 10% and get both Lilac Lullabies and Crackling Seascape!

Please note: Actual colour may slightly vary due to computer lighting/setting.

Watch the slime play: