Mythical Buddies Slime Collection Box

by Scoopi
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Scoopi's exclusive collection No.3!

Mythical Buddies ✨

6 Limited Edition mythical inspired slimes representing magical creatures! The collection will be sold as a set in the cutest fairytale book themed box, purchase the pack and get a BONUS sticker sheet.

SHELLY🧜‍♀️(85ml)- Stretchy pastel purple glossy slime with a tropical scent. Topped with iridescent bingsu beads, sparkly shell sprinkles and an iridescent shell charm.

DRAGO🐉(85ml)- Creamy black butter slime sprinkled with black glistter and topped with orange sugar paper, scented like dragon fruit. 

ANGIE👼(85ml)- Swirled baby blue and white cloud-cream slime doused in sparkles and scented like a fluffy cloud.

CORNY🦄(85ml)- Dazzling rainbow slime filled with iridescent bingsu beads and colourful, rainbow sprinkles. Scented like a sweet treat.

WISHIE🧞‍♀️(85ml)- Crunchy dark blue snow fizz slime topped with magical gold foil. Scented like a wish come true!

TRIXIE🧚‍♀️(85ml)- DIY floral scented fairy-free clay slime with flower and leaf sprinkles.

Please note: The slimes are not sold individually, you will receive 6 slimes and a sticker sheet with every purchase. Actual colour might slightly vary due to computer setting/lighting.