Rainbow Deluxe - Cafe Buddy Exclusive

by Scoopi


Texture: thick (outside) and creamy (inside) slime. 

Slime scent: red velvet cake

Colour: white inside and multicoloured outside (red, yellow, green, blue and purple)

This big rainbow slime is the mumma of all Cafe Buddies slime! But she's limited edition that means once she sells out...she's gone forever so get this deluxe Cafe Buddies slime to complete your exclusive collection! 

Delectable deconstructed rainbow cake slime with delicious red velvet cake scent, a thick and creamy texture and clay 'frostings' for you to mix together. This slime is topped with colourful and delicious looking blend of special sprinkles. It is an individual slime sold separately from the Cafe Buddies box. 

Please note: Actual colour may slightly vary due to computer setting/lighting.