Cafe Buddies Slime Collection Box

by Scoopi
SKU SL-CafeBuddies

Scoopi's exclusive collection No.2!


6 Limited Edition cafe inspired slimes representing delicious desserts and drinks! The collection will be sold as a set in the cutest cafe themed box, purchase the pack and get a BONUS sticker sheet. Complete your collection by getting the deluxe Cafe Buddies slime (sold separately).

COCO­čŹź(85ml)-┬áThick and glossy chocolate coloured slime scented like milk chocolate, topped with paw sprinkles and the cutest marshmallow charms.

KAY­čŹ░(85ml)-┬áMulticoloured cloud creme┬áslime scented like buttercream vanilla, topped with multicoloured sprinkles.

ROONY­čŹČ(85ml)-┬áBubblegum scented DIY clay slime with gold foil and heart sprinkles.

FAE­čŹô(85ml)-┬áHybrid parfait slime with strawberry slices sprinkles topped with cloud slime scented like cotton candy.

UNI­čÄé(85ml)-┬áPastel multicoloured 'tie-dyed' bingsu slime with round confetti sprinkles scented like the sweetest pink sugar.

NEO­čąĄ(85ml)-┬áNeapolitan inspired 3-tiered milkshake cloud slime with straw and cherry charms, and star sprinkles. Scented like a blend of strawberry and chocolate.

Please note: The slimes are not sold individually, you will receive 6 slimes and a sticker sheet with every purchase. Actual colour might slightly vary due to computer setting/lighting.