Amooze Unicorn MID Backpack - Tile

by Amooze

Amooze Unicorn MID Backpack! This kids backpack features features a repeated print of a frolicking unicorns over rainbows, castles, cupcakes and shooting stars. It's truly magical!   

This is the perfect sized backpack for young children who need a small to medium size preschool bag, daycare bag or a bag to take on trips. It's also great for building your child's independence as they start to carry their own things. Even big kids would love the small bag to carry essentials! The Unicorn backpack focuses on softness, quality and functionality. Every small detail is thought of making comfort beyond compare and our firm favourite.

The Unicorn Backpack is mainly made from neoprene which is similar to wet suit material. Neoprene is a great insulator and provides a good level of water proofing. Plus every panel of the bag is lined with additional foam and the back and straps have another layer of mesh. These features combined provide extreme comfort and shock absorption as you walk; and assists you to keep cool. There is an inner sleeve compartment, easy pull double zipper and a grab handle. 

This Unicorn Backpack by Amooze will outlast the toughest of life's adventures!  

Brand: Amooze
Mid size
Ergonomic to wear
Tough and durable 
Great for preschool, day care, day trips 
Main Material: neoprene
28(W) x 31(H) x 12(D)cm