Slow Rising Squishies

Slow Rising Squishies

Ever wondered what it feels like to squeeze a squishy toy that slowly regains its shape? Or maybe you're searching for the perfect stress reliever that brings a smile to your face every time you give it a gentle squeeze? Our slow-rising squishies are here to fulfil your squishy dreams!

Experience the captivating sensation of watching these delightful squishies rise slowly back to their original form. With their irresistibly soft texture and a wide range of shapes and designs, our slow-rising squishies are perfect for kids and adults alike.

 At Scoopi, we have the best and cutest slow-rising squishies guaranteed to entertain you for hours. Find a range of squishies with different shapes and sizes that will calm and delight you with every squish!  

Ready to dive into the world of squishy wonder? Explore our selection of slow-rising squishies and let your fingers delight in their enchanting resilience. Discover the perfect squishy companion that brings joy, relaxation and endless squishy fun into your life.

Browse our range of slow-rising squishies online and find the one that steals your heart. For those who prefer a hands-on experience, visit one of our stores to feel the squishiness firsthand. Get ready to squeeze, squish and smile with our incredible slow-rising squishies!

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